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What does the liberalism mean?


22 – 23 march

· EULY make a workshop cooperate with ATLAS economic foundation, that workshop held to the activist youth in the Egyptian community and the subject was , what does the liberalism mean ??

· That workshop held on EULY office on 22- 23 march 2007 .

The first day

· The first session …. Who is EULY ? when he start ? and what’s our objective’s ? …… Mahmoud Farouk

in that session Mahmoud talking about EULY, why we started it and when, and he talk about when we thinking about idea and what’s the steps to make that idea come true , and he also talk about what is EULY objective’s and closer one and longer one .

· The second session ……. The history of liberalism …… bassem samir

Bassem talk in that session about the history of liberalism and when the idea started, and his talk about the liberal idea become from the history or civilization, bassem started his presentation from 1215 from the Magna Carta and he move on to the Declaration of American Independence and after that he talk about the France revolution, to told the youth is the liberal idea become from the human civilization, and after that he talk about Personalities that contributed to the identification and writing of the basic ideas of liberalism , in the end of that session Bassem and Mahmoud make like Comparison between liberalism and communism and also Islamism, to make like what’s the communism say in the free market and what’s the liberalism say, and what’s the Islamism say in the human rights and freedom and what’s the liberalism say, and all of them what they said about, what the state should do ?

· The communication game ………. Karim Ali

That game was puzzle’s, every team have someone with paper to know how can make the puzzle and he told them but he can’t see what they make and there’s judge to see if the group make the puzzle right or not, that game the aim from it to make the youth have good communication .

· Open dissection …… capitalism & free market ….. Ahmed sakr

in that session sakr make an open dissection about free market and capitalism, and he started on , if the state should make Support to the people on Gas as in example or not ?? and after that , the dissection move on to what’s the free market and capitalism mean , and what’s the rule of that , what’s the state should do in that system , Their role is to monitor the market and to ensure equal standards for all, the presence of competition between all parties, and we move to if the capitalism with the Monopoly or not, and he give many example’s talk about monopoly, like Microsoft example, and he told them the monopoly sure nor from the capitalism, and in the end of that dissection and it was very good dissection, the debate stop on the more powerful country in the world have capitalism system on the economic.

The second day

· First session ….…… the rule of the state ……. Samuel Tudors

that session the youth stay all the day talking about it, the minimum action state or the rule of the state , Sam talk in that session about what should the state do and what the state should not do , and he start his talking about why the people make the state, Samuel base has been developed for participants to be able to determine whether this or that should or should not be for the State to do, and this rule is if an individual or group of individuals that can do the work the state should not do it. As an example like hospital or factory. And also he talk about the state must monopoly the Violence, and in the end of that session Sam give them exam from 62 – from political compass website - to let them know in which why they are , if they liberal or communism or more, and he discus every question with them to let them know what’s the liberal view in that question .

· Second session ……… the Secularism ……….. Samuel Tudors

In this lecture Samuel explained what the word of secularism mean , and explain how emerged through Q Can religion to interfere in the State or interfere with the state in religion??
The answer to the question that religion key component in the ideas individuals and therefore it is natural that when there is an individual in the State religious This is normal, but what is unacceptable in a liberal state of the state directed toward a particular religion or that backed , that mean the state look to the people as a citizen not as a religion. It was the clarify the word secularism, as he explained it .

· the factory and marketing game…… Bassem samir

In this game participants divided into groups and each group had their work product factory produces paper, the objective of this game that participants learn how to work in team, and how they and their ideas for marketing their products

This workshop was cooperation between the

Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth


Atlas economic foundation

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