Tuesday, September 4, 2007

who we are ?


The Egyptian union of liberal youth organized a workshop under the title ( who we are ?), it was organized on 15 / 6 / 2007 , at the residence of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation .
A number of EULY members attended the meeting, which aimed at defining liberalism, and identifying its meaning to each one of the members.

During the workshop a number of issues were raised, such as:

1- The Role of the State from a liberal perspective.

EULY believes that the role of the state in a liberal country, is first to organize the relation between individuals and second to organize the relation between the state and the individuals.

For the first role the main two points that states should focus on:

· the rule of law
· Providing security and safety.

For the second role:

· Equality for all citizens, without any discrimination based on color, gender , ……. "
· Provide security and safety for individuals from others.
· Not to interfere in individuals freedoms, as long as this person didn’t violate other’s rights.

2- What’s the vision of the union regarding Economics?
The Egyptian union of liberal youth believes that the state must not interfere in the economy and let it to the market.

· No intervention except in cases of illegal activities or monopoly or money laundry.
· No intervention in any economic activity except the strategic industries related to national security and defense.
· Create a good economic environment for investment.

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Ifrane Group said...

Congratulations Mahmoud, Bassam, Cynthia and all the others for your great work and determination. Let me know if I can be of any help.